Commercial Rodent Management & Extermination in Dallas Texas

Rodent control is an all-year need, and in recent years, we’ve seen steady problems. Proactive commercial rodent / wildlife control is the best, most efficient way to defend against these clever invaders. Not only can rodents alarm customers; they can rack up damage to stored goods, while introducing disease risk. Markle’s commercial rodent and wildlife control team can help!

Markle’s Expert Rodent Control

Markle’s proven commercial rodent control approach enforces a strict line of defense.

Exclusion & monitoring: Smart use of exterior monitoring stations

Strategic bait placements: Pest exclusion limits the use of materials

Sanitation checks: We train client teams through in-service sanitation sessions

Rodent Signs

Rats and mice look for the same things humans seek: food, warmth, water, and shelter. Check your property for:

Smallest Check Droppings in closets and storage areas, especially near food
Smallest Check Gnaw marks in furniture or walls
Smallest Check Teeth marks or holes in food storage or cardboard containers
Smallest Check Grease markings on the walls
Smallest Check Evidence of nesting sites
Rodent Dangers & Damage

Along with physical damage to your commercial property, rodents can introduce numerous risks to your facility:

Smallest Check Spread of disease and illness
Smallest Check Reputation damage
Smallest Check Property damage
Smallest Check Failed inspections
Smallest Check Possible financial loss
The Initial Treatment (Complete Clean-out)
Smallest Check Initial treatment designed to bring a large pest infestation down to a zero level
Smallest Check Utilization of pesticides approved by EPA
Smallest Check Markle trained, professional technicians execute a planned IPM (Intergrated Pest Management Program)
Smallest Check Utilization of Markle’s three Treatment Techniques developed over forty + years in the pest control business
Maintaining Control (The Ongoing Service)
Smallest Check Monitor the effectiveness of the service
Smallest Check Establish a regular service schedule tailored to fit the needs of the customers
Smallest Check Utilization of Markle’s three treatment techniques
Smallest Check Provide instruction for monitoring incoming goods and the pests which accompany them
Smallest Check Emphasis of exterior control to stop pests before they invade your environment

Markle specializes in commercial pest control solutions for all types of business – to protect your customers, products, employees and, most of all, your reputation from pests.

For more than 40 years we have proudly delivered safe and effective Rodent control and treatment to residents & business owners of Dallas, Texas and the surrounding Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex areas with a 100% Peace Of Mind Guarantee.

Markle Termite & Pest Management can eliminate most rodent problems. Don’t make the mistake of trying to tackle mice & rodents on your own! Our trained licensed technicians are just a phone call or click away. Give us a call at 972-279-1448 or fill in the Request For Service on the right.