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Smokey Brown Roach

Smokey Brown Roach

Quick Reference Facts

Common Name: Smokey Brown Roach
Common Traits: See Description
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Prevention Methods

  • Contact Markle for treatment
  • Reduce areas of moisture
  • Remove areas of debris and old lumber


Native to the temperate regions of Asia, they are also found in the southeastern United States.


  • Bodies range from 1¼ to 1½ inch long
  • Coloration: Dark brown to black
  • The pronotum is a solid dark color
  • Both sexes have wings longer than their bodies.
  • Antennae are as long as, or longer than their bodies

Where Found

Smoky-brown cockroaches require high humidity for survival. They are found outside in wooded areas that provide shade and moisture. They can also be seen in protected areas around homes (tree holes and mulch) and in buildings and attics. Stacks of lumber and firewood, sewer-access openings and trash piles can contribute to infestations. Once in structures they are commonly found in attics or near fireplaces. These cockroaches can be attracted by a leaky roof

Information provided by Texas Agri-Life Extension