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American Dog Ticks

American Dog Ticks

Quick Reference Facts

Common Name: American Dog Ticks
Common Traits: Color: Brown with whitish to gray markings, Shape: Oval flattened, Size: 3/16 - 5/8", Region: Throughout the U.S. except Rocky Mountains area
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Prevention Methods

  • Stay out of tall grass or brush
  • Tuck pants inside socks and use tick repellant
  • Wash clothes immediately


It is thought that American dog ticks are attracted by the scent of animals, so they are common along roads and trails. Adult ticks prefer domestic dogs as hosts and can therefore be brought into the home and potentially transferred to humans.


These ticks prefer grassy areas with low vegetation where larger mammals pass by. American dog ticks do not survive well indoors.


The American dog tick is the primary vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the United States. It is also known to transmit tularemia, a rare bacterial infection, and cause tick paralysis.

Information provided by the National Pest Management AssociationĀ