Markle Annual Pest Audit

Markle Termite & Pest Management provides an initial and annual pest audit to all new and existing customers. We feel that its one of the most important parts of our business. Every customers home should be assessed initially and on an annual basis for pest concerns or problems. Upon completion of the initial or annual pest audit we provide our customer with solutions and a treatment plan if needed based on our assessment.

What We Inspect?

We provide a comprehensive inspection that inspects both the interior and the exterior of the home. We also make an suggestions regarding current or future pest prevention. We will complete a detailed inspection form that requires the homeowners review and signature. Once completed and signed the homeowner will receive a copy as well as the original will be documented in the homeowners file at Markle’s main office.

Why Preventive Maintenance & Exclusion Are Important

Pest Management without the use of toxic chemicals is possible. Nontoxic options include physically preventing pests from entering the home through household maintenance and repairs to storage methods less likely to provide access to insects, rodents, & wildlife. Keeping food preparation areas clean and removing pests from the area as soon as possible when they are discovered.

Baits and Traps

Traps alert homeowners to the presence of pests, help eliminate pests and give an idea of the extent of infestation. The combined use of multiple approaches, such as baits along with traps, gives homeowners a more effective system of defense. We only want to us pesticides when its absolutely necessary.

Biological Managements

Biological Management agents include beneficial insects and predators that feed on or parasitize pests. Some organisms target a single pest or narrow group of pests, while lacewings and syrphid flies will tackle a wide range of insects. Reducing insects and insect habitat around your home will leave fewer bugs to enter seeking an easy meal.

For more than 40 years we have proudly delivered safe and effective Pest Management, treatment and inspections to the residents of Dallas, Texas and the surrounding Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex areas with a 100% Peace Of Mind Guarantee.

Markle Termite & Pest Management can prevent & eliminate most pest & termite problems. Preventing them before your home gets them is the key. Its cheaper to keep them out than it is to get them out once you have them! Don’t make the mistake of trying to tackle pest & termites on your own. Our trained licensed technicians are just a phone call or click away. Give us a call at 972-279-1448 or fill in the Request For Service on the right.