carpenter ant, carpenter ants, ant, ants, wood destroying antKnowing What Ants Are In Your Home

Ants top the list of the most common household pests. Ant infestations can be found all year round but the high season us during summer and fall. Unknown to many people is that there are more than ten types of ants that invade homes Most ants are black brown or reddish brown making people think they are the same ant family. The common ants found in homes are the black ants the fire ants, the sugar ants and the carpenter ants. Pest management services rate the carpenter ant as the hardest of all to exterminate given their living habits. This is why it is very important to have a regular inspection of our home to determine what pests are presents.

The thing with pests is you that can cohabit with them for a very long time before you see any tell tale signs that they are in your home. The best way to get rid of pests early enough before they cause significant damage is to get a regular pest inspection. Pest inspection services are usually free any time from most companies when you pay an annual or monthly subscription fee. Now, learn how to identify and deal with the most troublesome ant: the carpenter ant and get important tips for carpenter ants control.

How To Know You Have Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants get their name from their habit of drilling through wood. As they drill through the wood, they remove the woods bits on the outside leaving a pile of sawdust. If you see such a pile of fine saw dust or woods bits in your home then you are sure you have carpenter ants. Unlike what you may think, these ants do not feed on the wood they drill through. They have quite the sweet tooth and feed on treats such as syrup sugar peanut butter and such sweet morsels. They also feed on other dead insects and organic matter.

Carpenter ants are most prevalent in moist woody regions. In the house they therefore love those damp dark corners such as under the sink the basement and walls close to wood. Know however  that they do not form the main or parent nest in your home but in logs, trees and dead tree roots and tree stumps outside the home and make satellite homes in ceilings, wood core doors, roofs and especially the wooden support in crawling spaces.

Another important sign you have carpenter ants is a rustling static like sound. It is easiest to hear at night when things are quiet and this is a sign of their activity. If you spot these three, namely rustling noise, trails of food items or worker carpenter ants carrying food and wood dust piles then it is definitely time for carpenter ants control.

Steps Getting Rid Of Carpenter Ants

·         Get satellite nests

These are the minor sources of ant activity in your home. Carpenter ants do not make the queen nest in your home but satellite colonies. Satellite colonies are located by looking for the rustling sound and wood dust piles. You can find them in roofs ceilings inside doors and nay other wooden items in your house. Mark these regions where you suspect activity.

·         Find the queen or parent nest

The next step is to locate the parent nest which is mainly found outside the house. You will find this nest in hollow trees, tree stumps, and dead tree roots in damp areas. Once you have marked the areas with satellite nests follow the trails of wood dust and trunk trails to the queen nest. Mark this area as well.

·         Get an extermination service

The fastest and surest way to get rid of carpenter ants is to call a professional service. Carpenter ants control is not as easy as it seems. Destroying satellite nests simply causes re-infestation which is the biggest problem with carpenter ants control. A professional pest exterminator will get rid of the carpenter ants once and for all.

The Don’ts Of Carpenter Ants Control

·         Never spray poison or pesticide on the ants you see on the surface. You are only killing a few of thousands present in your home and will only make the rest get into attack mode.

·         Resist the urge to squash the worker carpenter you see looking for food. Instead follow them back to the nest to know where the rest of the army is.

·         Once you see one of the nests avoid ripping your roof, ceiling or tearing down walls and doors. Wait for the pest exterminator service that will use appropriate methods without causing damage to your home. It is never cheaper to exterminate yourself. Avoid the deception get the professionals.